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Peppersauce Campground 
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Peppersauce Campground
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Located at 4700' along the Control Road up Mt. Lemmon’s north slope, this campground is tucked away in a shallow, tree-filled canyon cut by Peppersauce Creek through rolling foothills covered with grass, oaks and yucca. Campsites at Peppersauce are spread throughout a creekside oasis of enormous Arizona sycamores and Arizona walnut trees that cast deep shade in summer and a touch of color in autumn. Trailers are discouraged as the sites are very small. Before you leave, make sure to check out nearby Peppersauce Cave!

Please Note: This a Tent Camp. Trailers are strongly discouraged as the space is very small.

Contact Information:

Coronado National Forest, 300 W. Congress Street, Tucson, AZ, USA 85701
Phone Number: (520) 388-8300

Peppersauce is on the northern foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains near Tucson, just south of Oracle, AZ. The easiest/quickest way to get there (ignore the directions at the above link) from the East Valley is to take the Hwy 79 SE through Florence, and then Hwy 77 back NE to American Avenue (Main Oracle road). Keep bearing right through Oracle onto Mt. Lemmon road and continue east until the NF-38 turnoff (south). This is a dirt road that will wind south about 5.5 miles until the campground. Here is a map with Directions from the YMCA with GPS coordinates.

Peppersauce Campground Map
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About The Camp

About The Camp: Barring unusual rain or snow events, the unpaved Control Road up to Peppersauce Campground is accessible by two-wheel drive sedans. In dry conditions, a two-wheel drive high-clearance vehicle, like a pickup, is usually sufficient for the drive from Peppersauce Campground up to Mt. Lemmon. However, bad weather can quickly erode sections of the Control Road, so it is advised that travelers up to Mt. Lemmon use a four-wheel-drive, high-clearance vehicle.

Obey the speed limit. Be prepared to stop. Be prepared to turn around and return the way you came.

Please Note: This a Tent Camp. Trailers are strongly discouraged as the space is very small.

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Area Attractions
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