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How is your relationship with your child?

What do you think your child would say?

Girl with Dad

Don't let your kids grow up
without you!

Do you just never seem to have enough good quality time to spend with your kids?
Children grow up fast and before you know it they will be grown and off to where ever their life leads them.

Are you going to be sitting there wondering what happened
or are you going to be a part of what happened?

Take the time now to be an important part in your child's life before it's too late.
Just a couple of days a month can make a lifetime of difference to your child.

"Time is a created thing. To say, 'I don't have time' is to say,
'I don't want to'." - Lao Tzu

You can use almost any measure when you're speaking of success. You can measure it in a fancy home, expensive car or dress. But the measure of your real success is one you cannot spend – It's the way your child describes you when talking to a friend.

How would your child describe you?

The YMCA Adventure Guides and Princesses program helps Dads just like you to be an important part of their child's life without having to spend a lot of time or money.

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Don't miss our next big events below!

Guides & Princesses Dad's Council Meeting
Whitetail Group Campground
Mt. Lemon, AZ
August 11-13
August 1st
7:00-9:00 PM
Please Call For Location
Our monthly Dad's Council Meetings are where all of the planning and "behind the scenes" work takes place to help keep the program running smoothly. Check the Princesses or Guides pages for all of our planned events.
All Dad's are encouraged to attend.

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