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The Y-Adventure Guides & Princesses is for Fathers and their Sons or Daughters ages 5-12. We offer fathers the chance to bond with their child on many levels to build a loving and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. The Y-Adventure program is a unique learning experience for both father and child. Join Us Today!

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YMCA Adventure Program Annual Membership
$150 per Family

Starting August 1, 2017, the annual cost for membership to the Adventure Program will be $150 per year per Family (not including YMCA fees), and will include all standard campouts—aprox 6 per year—and the pinewood derby (except for winter camp, camp surf, and ad hoc events). Non-Member individual standard campouts are typically $50 per family for each weekend.

$150 per family

Photo Album

Check out our Expedition photo album on SmugMug for photos and videos from the program.

Dad and Daughter on pathUpcoming Events

Below you'll find information about our upcoming events. Just follow the links to get more detailed information about an event or to pay for an event online.

All events below are open to all Dads (or Guardians) and their children. Several "Family" events are open to Moms as well. Feel free to bring friends along anytime to introduce them to this very special Father/child program. We use PayPal to safely & securely accept online payments for many of our events.

Check out videos from various events here!

Camp Surf
San Diego, CA
July 7th – 9th

YMCA Camp Surf

Join us with your whole family and spend several days right on the ocean! Located in San Diego County, this 45 acre facility is lucky to have some of the last undeveloped coastline left in Southern California. Just imagine camping right on the beach and falling asleep each night to the sound of the surf in the background knowing that tomorrow will bring more fun, adventure and learning.

Here is the deal. We only have the 65 spots committed at this time. If you want to come this summer and can commit now, we can get you a spot. We can only reserve a spot once you commit and pay until all the spots are gone.

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Upper Wolf Creek

Whitetail Group Campground
Mt. Lemon, AZ
August 11-13

Whitetail campground is five miles from the town of Summerhaven in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson. Set within Ponderosa pines in the Coronado national forest. Elevation at 8000 feet. Nearest gas is 26 miles. GROUP TENT SITES ONLY. Small RVs/trailers may park in parking lot. Hiking trails nearby. Rose Canyon Lake is 4 miles away. Potable water, electricity available at each ramada. Trash service and vault toilets available.

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$50 Per Family
(Free for Members)

Reynolds Creek

Reynolds Creek
South of Young
September 15-17

This group campground is located at a cool 5200’ elevation, just South of Young, in the remote wilderness of the Tonto National Forest. There are vault toilets, tables, grills and fire rings. There is no drinking water and no trash collection. There is a small creek onsite and Workman's Creek is just down the road.

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$50 Per Family
(Free for Members)

Upper Wolf Creek

Upper Wolf Creek
October 20-22

This boulder strewn group group site at an elevation of 6,000 feet is located in the tall ponderosa pines and away from other developed recreation sites in the Prescott National Forest. The trees are thinly spaced in some areas which facilitates group activities, RV parking (RVs not exceeding 40 feet in length), and camping. There are vault toilets, no utility hookups and no drinking water, or trash collection at this site.

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$50 Per Family
(Free for Members)